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CBC America Corp. (hereafter referred to as CBC) warrants the referenced closed circuit video equipment when purchased new to be free from defects in material and workmanship.


CBC, at its option, will repair or replace any video equipment showing such defects for a period of time referenced below from the date of purchase by the original buyer.


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CCTV Equipment Time
Lenses and Lens Accessories 3 Years
Standard CCD Cameras (1) 3 Years
PixelPro IP Cameras/Domes/Bullets 3 Years 
PixelMaster Embedded NVR 3 Years (5 years on HDD)
IR/Specialty Cameras & Accessories (2) 1 Year
GANZ Value Series Cameras (3) 3 Years
Other IP Cameras (4) 1 Year
5000/7000/8000 Series Domes & Accessories 3 Years
PTZ Domes & Accessories 2 Years
Board Cameras 1 Year
Multiple-Output Power Supplies 3 Years
Monitors 3 Years
Outdoor Housings/Outdoor Dome Kits w/pre-assembled camera & lens 3 Years
Pro-Pak Kits w/pre-assembled camera, lens, power & video cables 3 Years
iPak Kits w/pre-assembled IP camera, lens, power & ethernet cables 3 Years
ZNR Series NVR Servers 3 Years
DIGIMASTER DVRs 3 Years (5 years on HDD)
IR/White Light Illuminators 5 Years
Thermal Imaging Cameras - Fixed / Pan-Tilt 2 Years  / 1 Year (90 days motors)
Multiple Output Power Supplies 3 Years
Ganz Cloud Cameras - ZCL1 2 Years

This warranty covers equipment that has been properly installed and used. It does not cover damage that occurs in shipment nor failure that results from alteration, accident, misuse, abuse or faulty installation.


CBC makes no further warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event will CBC be responsible for an incidental or consequential damages, including damage to any closed circuit video equipment.


If you have any questions about this warranty or need clarification on a specific product, please call us at: New York Office- 1-800-422-6707, California Office- 1-877-407-9555.


1  YCX Series, YCB Series, YC/YCH Series, ZC-NH405N


2   ZC-BNX8312NBA, LPC1260, HSW (Height Strip), MCB/MCWB, GBK (Gang Box), CMC (Corner Mount), LC702N




4   DDK-1500, DDK-1500D, ZN-D2024, ZN-S1000VNE (Video Server)




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