Computar / GANZ

Customer and Technical Support

To request support, or if you would like more information about our company, products and services, you can reach our US Customer or Technical Service Departments directly at:

Customer Service & Sales Departments


NY: +1-800-422-6707 (9AM - 5PM ET)
CA: +1-877-407-9555 (8AM - 4PM PT)

Customer Service & Sales Support


Technical Service Departments


NY: +1-800-422-6707 (9AM - 5PM ET)

NY Technical Support Request

CA: +1-877-407-9555 (7AM - 5PM PT)
CA Technical Support Request


Product Registration

With our mobile product registration form, you will be notified when there is an software upgrade, any changes or additional accessories or support materials available for your registered product.


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